PapHaven is 501c3
non-profit organization
I see a Weeping Willow tree by a pond with wonderful branches reaching all the way to the ground. So many little Papillons are playing in the serene haven provided within these comforting limbs, enjoying the life they were born to live. Safe because of the Willow Tree. We are the branches of this fine Willow Tree. Each of us bonded by the hundreds of fur-babies resting securely in the shade of these protective branches. That's what it is all about, isn't it? (Dreams.....AR)

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Every animal deserves a second chance.
Often we are the only chance they have.

Our Papillons
3 papillons available
Audrey (in TX)
(details) Adoptable

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13 yr 6 month old Female Papillon mix. See Description.
Popeye (in TX)
(details) Adoption Pending

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4 yr 7 month old Male Papillon. Crate Trained.
Rusty (in IL)
(details) Adoptable

(Tell others about Rusty)

10 yr 9 month old Male Papillon. Leash Trained, Crate Trained.